Taste of Heaven

“Once you’ve had a taste of heaven, everything else in life becomes tasteless. Once you’ve had a taste of heaven, everything else in life becomes even more tasteful.”

Taste of Heaven: An Awakening to Divine Love

TASTE OF HEAVEN: AN AWAKENING TO DIVINE LOVE is the chronicle of a married woman’s journey into spirituality, beginning after the birth of her second child. Having searched her entire life for truth, love, and God, she finds them all at once when she experiences a glimpse of Lord Shiva in her husband on Shivratri, the day of special worship of Lord Shiva.

Having witnessed that God lives in her husband and learning that He also lives in all others, including herself, she can feel the pain of others as her own and looks at another as her own self, an expression of divinity disguised in a material form.

Understanding that she was asleep all her life until that moment, she has been awakened to divine love, a type of love she could never have imagined or dreamt of. This love has made her whole and complete, transforming her former childhood fear of God into love―divine love.


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