Experience significant improvements in how you feel physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually

What is personal coaching?

I use an approach called ‘from fear to love’ coaching. This approach requires one to take the time to tune into their thoughts for a certain period of time each day and rewire their brain by replacing negative thoughts with positive ones. Our thoughts affect our emotions. Negative thoughts cause fear and other negative emotions, whereas positive thinking can lead to love and other positive emotions.


Monica is a name in Latin, deriving from the verb monere, meaning ‘to advise.’ Interestingly, that’s what I have been doing from a young age. Family members and friends would often ask me for advice on how they should deal with their problems in life. I always felt indescribable happiness and joy when I could help others feel better.


Should you try personal coaching?

Those who are aware of their own negative feelings and emotions will benefit from this particular type of coaching. Awareness is the first step in making any positive change. You will benefit by becoming more mindful of your thoughts, which will directly affect your emotions, as your thoughts change from negative to positive. Clients who I have worked with have experienced significant improvements in how they feel physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. These life enhancements are shifts in perception, from fear to love.

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